Needles and pins

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Clover Appliqué needles no. 10

CLO 497-10
clo 497-9

Clover Appliqué needles nr. 9

CLO 497-09
clo 231

Clover Appliqué pins

clo 235

Clover borduurnaalden, nr 3 - 9

CLO 235

Clover Desk Needle Threader

CLO 4701
clo 2505

Clover Flower Head Pins

CLO 2505
clo 2510

Clover Flower Head Pins fine

CLO 2510
clo 232

Clover patchwork spelden

CLO 232

Clover patchwork pins

CLO 2507
clo 2509

Clover patchwork spelden lang (fijn)

CLO 2509

Clover Quilting needles no. 10

CLO 496-10
john james big eye quilting size 10

John James quiltnaalden met groot oog