European fabrics: Quilters Basics

Here you will find the series Quilters Basics by Stof A/S from Denmark. A collection of high quality fabrics that is there to stay! We now have 70 fabrics in the collection! The entire collection is available in fat quarters, see under the button Fat quarter collection.

These fabrics are now also available in our new Fabric Club (see the Fabric Club department)

The fabrics are 42 inches wide, 100% cotton. The fabrics are priced per meter (=1.1 yard). You can order yardage with a minimum of 0.25 meter.

Please use a comma as decimal sign. Use the shopping cart button to put a product in your shopping basket. The eye button shows you the content of your basket. You can always change the content of your shopping basket.

Craquele on off white

QB 4513-104
qb 4513-105

Flowers on off white

QB 4513-105

Hearts on ecru

QB 4513-107

Stipple pattern on ecru

QB 4513-108
qb 4513-113

Groene bloemetjes op ecru

QB 4513-113
qb 4513-114

Rode bloemetjes op ecru

QB 4513-114

Handwriting on beige

QB 4513-202
qb 4513-203

Stippenpatroon op beige

QB 4513-203

Flowers on beige

QB 4513-206
qb 4513-207

Craquele motief op beige

QB 4513-207

Hearts on beige

QB 4513-208

Small red leaves on ecru

QB 4513-216