Here your will find beautiful Hoffman batiks. The basic series combine well with lots of fabrics, instead of regular solid fabrics. You will also find a growing collection of batiks with prints.

The fabrics are 42 inches wide, 100% cotton. The fabrics are priced per meter (=1.1 yard). You can order yardage with a minimum of 0.25 meter.

Please use a comma as decimal sign. Use the shopping cart button to put a product in your shopping basket.  You can always change the content of your shopping basket.

hf 3336-513

Bloemen en paisleys op roze/lila

HF 3336-513
hf 3336-522

Vage patronen op roze/lila

HF 3336-522
hf 3336-736

Bladpatronen op blauw

HF 3336-736

Creme Bali Handpaint

HF 3015-112

Yellow Bali Handpaint

HF 3016-420

Dark Orange Bali Handpaint

HF 3018-398
hf 3018-063

Pink Bali Handpaint

HF 3018-063

Dark pink Bali

HF 3018-097

Light Red Bali Handpaint

HF 3018-005
hf 3018-231

Dark red Bali Handpaint

HF 3018-231

Deep purple Bali


Blue Bali Handpaint

HF 3018-275