Here your will find beautiful Hoffman batiks. The basic series combine well with lots of fabrics, instead of regular solid fabrics. You will also find a growing collection of batiks with prints.

The fabrics are 42 inches wide, 100% cotton. The fabrics are priced per meter (=1.1 yard). You can order yardage with a minimum of 0.25 meter.

Please use a comma as decimal sign. Use the shopping cart button to put a product in your shopping basket.  You can always change the content of your shopping basket.

Creme Bali Handpaint


Zachtgele Bali Hand-Dyed

Gele Bali Hand-Dyed

Deze stof gaat uit de collectie. Nog verkrijgbaar zo lang de voorraad strekt.

Dark Orange Bali Handpaint


Pink Bali Handpaint


Dark pink Bali


Light Red Bali Handpaint


Dark red Bali Handpaint

Deep purple Bali


Aqua Bali Hand-Dyed

Lichtblauwe Bali Hand-Dyes

Blue Bali Handpaint


Groene Bali Hand-Dyed

Brown Bali Handpaint


Grijze Bali Hand-Dyed

Black Bali Handpaint