Interlocking Hexagons

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This is the fifteenth pattern in the From Marti and Me Club.

In this pattern you will find quilt projects in which hexagons are used in an interesting way. By sewing strips around the hexagons in different colours, a beautiful woven, interlocking pattern emerges. You have to plan the placement of the colous of the strips carefully: teh pattner indicates where which strip goes.

An important element of these patterns is that you have to sew from dot-to-dot. This can also be done by machine, and the pattern explains the technique clearly.

The hexagons in the quilt on the cover (right-hand side in the picture) are 4,5 inch (finished side). That is a size that you can use to showcase fabrics. Ths quilt size is 41 x 50,5 inch (104 x 128 cm). The top and bottom are finished by appliquéing the edge to a strip of fabric. A different option, with inset triangles is also in the pattern. Moreover, you will find a smaller quilt (17,5 x 23 inch, 43,2 x 58,4 cm) and a larger one (58 x 78,5 inch, 147 x 199 cm). En project with a wreath of hexagons has a size of 42 x 45 cm (106,7 x 114,3 cm).

Finally there is a pattern for a so-called enslotte I Spy quilt, where the hexagons are sewn to 60 degree equilateral triangles. This pattern can be sewn from edge to edge.