Storm at Sea

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This is the pattern of the month March for the From Marti and Me Club. If you join the club before 25 April, this is your first pattern (read all about the club above).

This is the sixteenth pattern in the From Marti and Me Club.

The name of the pattern Storm at Sea refers to the waves you see, although all the seams are straight.

There are several quilt projects in the pattern, in different sizes with (you guessed already!) Storm at Sea blocks. The quilt on the front of the pattern (right hand side in the picture) is called Storm at Sea with Heart. By replacing blue patches by red ones, a heart appears. The pattern also contains a piece of een ‘Storm at Sea’ paper, offering you the possibility of sketching other possibilities.

The pattern is made with the Storm at Sea template set, in combination, met set A (9 inch blocks), set B (12 inch blocks) or set B, D and N (6 inch blocks).  The Storm at Sea template set alone is not enough to make the blocks. The quilt Storm at Sea will be 44 inch square if you make him, like me, with 9 inch blocks.

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