60 of One, Half a Dozen of Another

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Bekijk de mogelijkheden van het patroon in de instructievideo.

60 of One, Half a Dozen of Another is a pattern based on the hexagon. A hexagon consists of six equilateral triangles, and that is how the hexagons in this pattern are made. You will use the small 60 degree triangle ruler for this pattern.

There are lots of different patterns for hexagons. The quilt on the front of the pattern (right hand side in the picture), uses repeating fabric patterns. By cutting 6 triangles exactly the same, you will get kaleidoscope effects.

You can see three different hexagon patterns on the left hand side of the picture: Spider Web, Whirlygig en Hexagon Pinwheels. By sewing strips of fabric together and cut triangles out of them, you can make very interesting patterns. In some patterns the hexagons are sewn together directly, in other patterns equilateral triangles are sewn between the hexagons. Lots of different possibilities!