Template set Q

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Many well known quilt blocks consist of squares and triangles (half square triangles and quarter square triangles). Template set Q contains 7 templates: three squares, three triangles (in different sizes matching together) and a trapezium. The basis is a 2,5 inch square.

You can make loads of different blocks with this set. The set is accompanied by a 39 page book, explaining the use of the templates in detail and containing numerous blocks you can make with this set.

The templates are made of thick acrylic, comparable to quilt rulers, and you can cut alongside them with your rotary cutter. First you cut strips of the right width, and then position the template on the strip and cut the shapes. The corners are engineered to prevent so-calles dog ears when you sew the pieces together: they fit perfectly! These sets are terrific: you can cut quickly and still very precise, while saving fabric.

As the basis of this set is 2,5 inch, is is a perfect companion to template set T, which has a basic square of 5 inch. This gives you even more options.