Tessellating Windmills

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This is the current pattern in the From Marti and Me Club. If you join the club now (until 29 May 2015), this will be the first pattern of your  membership. You can also buy it seperately here.

The current pattern of the From Marti and Me Club is Hunter’s Star. Hunter’s Star is an eight=pointed star, but without the inset corners! The block consists of 4 equal parts, positive/negative in dark/light, which, sewn together, produce an eight-pointed star.

The block consists of diamonds, trapezoids and triangles. The diamond is the point of the star, and you can choose any diamond template from the sets of Marti Michell. The block size depends on the size of the diamond. Diamond templates are in sets E, O, P, N and the Strippers set. The block sizes (7 different ones) range from 6,25 inch (set N) and 22 inch (set E). Using Set E, you can make three block sizes, as there are 3 sizes of diamond templates in the set. Top left on the picture, you see all the block sizes. The tool of the month for club members is the Diagonal Set Triangle ruler, that you can use to cut the large triangles in the block in all sizes.

The pattern contains several projects: the wall quilt on the right in the picture, is 34,5 x 45,5 inch (87,6 x 115,6 cm). The skinny quilt on the left in the picture is 22,5 x 58 inch (57,2 x 148,6 cm). In the middle of the picture you can see that, by playing with the colours, you can get a totally different effect with the same block. The pattern also contains a large two-colour quilt, 84 x 96 inch (213,4 x 243,8 cm).

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